First impressions count, and at Zimbali the overwhelming vista is natural beauty, ecological richness and biological diversity. The luxuriance of this reserve is reflected in its eight different vegetation types ranging from pioneer dune grass through to towering dune forest. All this provides a secure home to no fewer than eight mammals and 220 bird species as well as countless butterflies and insects – all of which are vital to the sustainability of this sensitive ecosystem.

Being one of the last remaining areas of natural coastal forest in South Africa a strict conservation policy was implemented to harness the heritage of this area. This has paid dividends. Zimbali has acted as a conservancy for the re-establishment of many threatened indigenous species. This gradual recovery and rehabilitation of the forest flora is also envisaged for the recently launched new residential section phase because this development has a long view in mind – that of a heritage to be passed on to successive generations.

Ongoing conservation, in consultation with conservation experts, includes:

  • ensuring that the natural water supplies, dams and wetlands are protected

  • the preservation and management of wildlife

  • the controlled removal of alien vegetation and

  • ensuring that all landscaping, including the residential areas is in accordance with the prescribed indigenous plant types.

The residential gardens also reflect the eco-option of Zimbali, yet they have been cleverly crafted so as to be entirely individual yet complementary to the naturalistic surrounds. Added to all this good stuff is the attention to detail in the landscaped areas, paved roadways, recreational sections and the entrance areas.

A special feature of this conservancy is the many footpaths in and around the estate waiting to be explored. There are also wooden staircases and elevated walkways specially built to provide access to Zimbali’s naturally occurring lakes and dams as well as providing commanding views out to sea. The unexpected lushness and rich tapestry of Zimbali’s natural surrounds appeals to the senses. It also provides a visual solace, a connection to nature and a sense of peace.

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