Zimbali Coastal Resort was launched in 1996 with the first sales of a strip of beachfront properties. The ethos of “Living in Harmony with Nature” was adopted and became the guiding principle by which all management decisions were made. Since then this Resort has matured into a protected natural environment where an optimal balance between development and conservation has been successfully attained, making it one of the most desired ‘quality-of-life’ developments in the world.

In choosing to reside in Zimbali, comes the acceptance of being part of a community responsible for the upkeep and care of an acceptable code of practice by which members may live together reasonably and harmoniously, to uphold Zimbali’s motto – “Good neighbourliness and consideration for others” and ensure the sustainability of its sensitive ecosystem.

As such a “Hand Book” for the Residents of Zimbali was created to assist residence as a handy reference guide for life in Zimbali. This publication is now in its third edition and is entitled “The Lifestyle Guide – Handbook for Residents of Zimbali Coastal Resort”.

The intention of this publication however is for it to be much more than just a coffee-table book. It is to present the qualities that make Zimbali Coastal Resort both distinctive and unique and to outline all the guidelines, conduct rules, development ethos, resort facilities, articles of association, important contact details, as well as local authority information to assist both residents of and visitors to this exceptional destination. It is as a collection of chapters that this publication provides real value in providing an informed view of Zimbali Coastal Resort. It is also a publication that is continually referred to and acted upon.
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