Security is one of Zimbali's most important aspects. There are no unsightly security gates enclosing homes, no intrusive walling, no ubiquitous neighbourhood6 watch signs and no watchdogs to assault the silence or hound the joggers with their frantic barking. Instead both the Coastal Forest and Golf Estate are monitored by the most advanced systems available. Security walling and fencing encloses the entire domain and access is via two security entrances manned 24 hours a day, through which all vehicle access is controlled. There are also monitored turnstiles so residents and hotel guests have secure access to the unspoilt beach areas.

The entire perimeter is monitored by a combination of surveillance technology, all linked to a central control room. There are also mobile and foot patrol security personnel who constantly patrol the perimeter as well as the various sections of the residential and resort estate. In accordance with improvements in technology security systems are upgraded on a continual basis.

Keenly aware that a secure convenience lifestyle also means hassle free living, the Zimbali Estate Management Association, known as ZEMA, was formed to undertake the day-today running of this prestigious estate.

Planning and implementing all the activities needed, without compromising the criteria is no mean feat. This falls into the hands of an estate manager, an assistant manager, a security manager, and administration staff, all ably complemented by the skills of various consultants embracing the fields of ecology, architecture, engineering and environmental issues.

In essence ZEMA ensures that the facilities and amenities are kept in prime condition and that the estate exists as a cohesive unit. This entire means that Zimbali is an exceptional investment. As an integral part of Zimbali Coastal Resort, owners will enjoy all the benefits of appreciating values.
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