Right from the start sensitivity and minimal disturbance to the existing surroundings was to exemplify the spirit of Zimbali's architecture. This was architecture's moment of accountability and the solution the world class design consultants opted for has now become the Signature Style of Zimbali.

The design is derived from the tropical architecture of the East, and has a definite Indonesian undertone. For form to meet function and temper the demands of the sub tropical climate the dominant roof scape has large overhangs, spacious covered verandahs and large openings for through breezes. Structural materials are natural and hard wearing whilst the exterior facades are painted in rich African earth tones, providing an earthy neutral backdrop to the all-indigenous landscape. Roof tiles are natural clay and there is extensive use of rich timbers and stone textures.

An urban monolith is not the term that springs to mind. Instead the homes have been fitted into their setting, becoming part of the surrounding landscape. The privacy factor has also not been overlooked with over 300 homes in the Coastal Forest Estate being inconspicuously tucked away.

The surrounding terrain of the Golf Course Estate demanded a slightly different response. Here the style of architecture has been derived from the "Arts and Crafts" era which focused on individuality and craftsmanship together with high pitched gabled roofs that were needed to accommodate a second storey. Again the use of natural finishes, rough plaster and stone has ensured there is synergy in the estate's aesthetics as well as a distinct partnership with nature.

Homes located within the estate are innovative in that they represent carefully considered reinterpretations of the strict architectural guidelines. The generously proportioned homes use spatial arrangements and local materials in interesting ways, expertly weaving them into the fabric of the architectural style. The interior and exterior is treated as a whole with a seamless interaction between outdoor and indoor living. Sliding or fold away apertures open out onto a variety of outdoor spaces, each designed to accommodate exceptional views, embrace the natural setting, and open up to the sunlight. This outdoor/indoor interaction is a creative design solution for real living. Finally, residential gardens merge into the natural waterways, and outer fringes of the coastal forest and golf course, forming one extensive garden.

The most engaging quality of Zimbali's homes is the sense of unwavering duality. They are distinctly vernacular, yet equally global. Exciting, yet soothing they will always occupy a top-spot on a list of the world's most desirable addresses.
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